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3Be Meats
Beef Section Cuts

Our Beef Cuts & Prices

NY Strip$14.99/#
Fillet Mingon$30.99/#
Sirloin Filets$4.99 Each
Chuck Roast$6.49/#
Ground Chuck$5.49/#
Short Ribs$9.99/#
Texas Style Ribs$5.99/#
Flank Steak$10.99/#
Skirt Steak$13.99/#
Tri Tip$11.99/#
Bone-In Ribeye$17.99/#

Our Famous Brats

*All Brats are $7.99 lb.

OriginalCheddarAngry Gummy BearGummy Bear
Jalapeno CheddarPineapple HabaneroTacoTater Tot Hotdish
SalsaPickleMaple BaconBlack & Blue
HorseradishBacon CheeseburgerBacon RanchSweet Onion Teriyaki
BlueberryWild RiceGarlicPhilly
Onion & GarlicCheesy PickleBreakfastBeer
Beer CheeseBacon BleuBuffalo BleuCoffee
Kneophla KrautMushroom & SwissNacho CheeseSriracha Bleu
SmoresStrawberry JalapenoPineapple HabaneroThe Works

Our Pork Cuts & Prices

Bone-In Chops$4.19 lb.
Boneless chops$5.99 lb.
Pork Loin$4.99 lb.
Country Style Ribs$4.49 lb.
Baby Back Ribs$6.99 lb.
BBQ Chops$4.99 lb.
Pork ButtsMarket Price
Bacon$7.99 lb.
Pork Section Cuts

Our Sausage

Pork Country Style$6.99lb.
Beef Country Style$7.99 lb.
Breakfast$4.99 lb.
Unsmoked Pork Country Style$5.49 lb.
Chorizo$6.99 lb.
Liver Sausage$8.99 lb.
Potato Sausage$6.99 lb.
Garlic Sausage$7.49 lb.
Mild Italian Sausage$7.49 lb.
Hot Italian Sausage$7.49 lb.
Sauerkraut Countrystyle$7.49 lb.
Ring Bologna$5.99 lb.
12 Pepper$7.49 lb.
Andouille$7.49 lb.
50/50 Country Style$7.49 lb.
Headcheese$6.99 lb.

Snack Sticks & Jerky

Original Sticks$11.99 lb.
Jalapeno Cheddar$12.99 lb.
Teriyaki Sticks$12.99 lb.
Sriracha Blue Cheese Sticks$12.99 lb.
Cheesy Pickle Sticks$12.99 lb.
Sweet & Spicy Sticks$12.99 lb.
Natural/Muscle$28.99 lb.
Honey Garlic Sticks$12.99 lb.
Steak Jerky$23.99 lb.
Chicken Jerky$14.99 lb.
Burnt Ends$17.99 lb.
Fire Sticks HOT$13.49 lb.

Our Seafood

Lobster TailsScallops
Frog LegsMussels
Norwegian Salmon FilletPacific Salmon Fillet
Smoked SalmonCod Loin
Halibut SteaksWalleye
King Crab LegsSnow Crab Legs
Tuna SteaksSwordfish
Cooked Shrimp Tail OffCooked Shrimp Tail On
Raw ShrimpShrimp Skewers
Hand Breaded Fantail ShrimpWild Caught Red Shrimp

Weekly Fresh Fish Special

Deli Meats

HamDried Beef
Oven Roasted TurkeyHard Salami
Cajun TurkeyBraunschweiger
Roast BeefBologna
Housemade Jalapeno Cheddar Summer SausagePepperoni
Housemade Summer SausagePastrami

Deli Cheeses

AmericanSuper Hot
ColbyGhost Pepper
Colby JackBacon Cheddar
OnionSmoked Gouda
Pepper JackSmoked Swiss
Farmers CheeseSmoked Cheddar
MuensterSalami Cheese

Our Lunch

Sandwich with two types of meat, one cheese and choice of:

Sauce: Ranch, Mayo, Miracle Whip, Mustard
Toppings: Onions, Tomatoes, Pickles, Lettuce, Jalapenos and banana peppers
Bread: White or Wheat